Black Label

Only the freshest premium top quality mature green tomatoes make the cut. They are graded above industry standards and have a reputation of superiority.


White Label

Our most versatile label. Includes vine ripened or mature green tomatoes. Value added customized packaging and tailored to each customers’ unique needs.



Each and every premium vine ripened flavorite box of tomatoes is graded, sized and hand place packed to the highest standards.

*Private label packaging available upon customer request


Retailer and Food Service Packs

Taylor and Fulton offers refined packaging for retailers and food service suppliers under our white Label. Several options are available and are pre-designed or are customizable with your private label to deliver a personalized finished product.


Several finished product options:

4x4 2layer 6x6 2 layer

4x5 2layer 2 count tray

5x5 2layer 3 count tray

5x6 2layer 4 count tray